About Monte Christo Miqlat

MCM (Miqlat NPC) is based in Paarl and was established in 2000 with our footprint in the Drakenstein Valley, Western Cape, South Africa.



Living and experiencing the Kingdom of Heaven by building peaceful sustainable families.


Empowering impoverished families through holistic sustainable development programmes to experience healthy fulfilling lives.

Our Story

We have 3 focus areas, each with a Focus leader that comes from the very community that they operate in. The focus areas are, Community Care Centre, Community Nutrition, and Homeless Care.

MCM was established to achieve tangible and sustainable improvements to the quality of life of society’s most vulnerable people through addressing issues relating to early childhood development (ECD), orphans and vulnerable children (OVC’s), and home and community-based issues.

MCM implements projects, associated with creating stable families and where communities can peacefully exist. We provide a meal distribution programme, a day-care centre, after-school facilities and programmes, maths and literacy tutoring, the School of Drama, Creative Writing, and a homeless people programme that involves job creation.

In our area, babies and school children live in unsafe environments where neglect and abuse are rife, and in the absence of physical, emotional, physiological and spiritual support for the children and their families, the cycle is perpetuated and this leads to slow development, illness and disease, and bad social habits.

Teenage pregnancies and single-parent families are common in our area, exposing children to molestation and neglect as the young mothers simply don’t have the skills to be good parents or role-models – often in situations where a father figure is absent. Jobs and skills levels are low and there is no way to break the cycle without training, job creation and mentorship to affect lasting change in the lives of the families at risk.

What We Do


Food for 164 creches and soup-kitchens


54 Day Care kids at Tiffany’s


200 Gym users


320 Job opportunities for homeless per month


60 Adults in Parental Development


60 Internet Users



  • Drama
  • Creative Writing
  • Sewing classes

After School Programme:

  • 150 Kids per month in Xtra Math classes
  • 75 Kids per month in Xtra Reading classes
  • Homework assistance
  • Internet Café
  • Digital Training Center

Our Footprint

We also assist in building sustainable families in Saron, Wellington, Franschhoek and Gouda.

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