We operate in the heart of gang-controlled areas. Babies and school children live in unsafe environments where neglect and abuse are rife, with little physical, physiological or spiritual support for the children, or their families. The cycle is perpetuated and this leads to slow development, illness and bad social habits. We aim to achieve real sustainable improvements to the quality of life of society’s most vulnerable people through running several education and care programmes and community and family focused programmes.

The Daycare ECD Centre, is headed up by Principal Magaret Gombard. The Day Care Centre hosts 54 children (aged 3 months to 5 years) each weekday from 7am to 5pm. This is a place where they are lovingly educated to prepare them for Primary school. We have overwhelming positive feedback from the teachers at various schools on how well the children have been developed and prepared at Tiffany’s daycare.

The Tiffany’s after school Programme is a safe and stimulating after-school environment where school children come to learn, do their homework, and receive tutoring with an emphasis on Maths and Literacy. The computer lab provides much needed access to the internet for research and completion of assignments. Each child also receives a healthy meal.

More than 225 children benefit from the after-school programme, including the School of Drama, Creative Writing and Photography. The gymnasium in our building offers a healthy social activity for the community to enjoy.

We have a preventative, skills training and job creation programme for youth at risk i.e. Barbarian gang members aged 11 to 24 years. The programme includes sport, psychological training (anger management), cultural activities, and skills training through the MCM School of Drama, Creative Writing and Photography.

The School of Drama, Creative Writing and Photography. It is a model to help gang members develop skills that promote their self-esteem, belong to a positive-minded group, be mentored by positive role models and have an outlet for their frustrations. The writing is healing and therapeutic, and we also promote the Cape dialect in writing and in theatre in order to develop pride and confidence in the Brown culture.The skills learnt can lead to opportunities to become financially sustainable individuals.

The goals are for the children to participate as actors or writers at the yearly Flêtse Fees, that takes place in December. The photography course offers the students the digital literacy and life skills with creative expression, as well as participating as official photographers at community events such as weddings and graduations.

We also host a Toy library that supplies teaching material and toys to crèches in the area. This is an invaluable service, as it enhances the learning process for the teachers who would otherwise not have the ability to aquire aids for learning.

At Tiffany’s we also offer street soccer, netball and basketball.