Our Sport Park is also the base of our 4th focus area namely Nutrition. From here we distribute our vitamen enriched, food to ECD creches and afterschools in the Drakenstein Valley.

We distribute food to 164 ECD creches per month, reaching 51000 kids per month. Currently our capacity is to feed these children 10 days of the month but with additional funding in 2018 we distributed well over 1 million meals in the Drakenstein valley.

Our feeding footprint stretches from as far as Gouda, Hermon, Saron through Paarl and Wellington to Klapmusts. We have also assisted people in the Sutherland and Wupperthal regions, due to drought and a fire disaster.

Nutrition forms part of a three dimentional developmental programme namely, education, nutrition and recreation.

This programme is making a huge impact in the region to eleviating malnutrition and hunger.