The MCM Full Circle Focus area aims to provide holistic care for the homeless of the Drakenstein region.

The aspects of spiritual, psychological and socio-economic development are focus areas that have to be addressed in order to invest holistically in a homeless person’s life.

This programme is run from a small container on the banks of the Berg River, in the midst of the area where the homeless live.

Every morning they get served with the Word and just for a general chat. If somebody has a specific problem that cannot be sorted out, our councellor will come to see them.

We build relationships with local Companies, Churches and government with who we sign an agreement to clean certain areas, and by doing this we create job opportunies for the homeless.

They work from Monday to Friday 8 – 1, after which they receive a meal, and on a Friday they get their wage for the week.

We also assist with their laundry by washing and drying it once a week.

Chain of the Programme


Phase 1

Building a Relationship for the individual

Phase 2

Bridging the gap

Phase 3


Phase 4