At our Sport Park we have facilities for various sporting codes. There is also a playpark, a BMX track, Tugg of War facilities, Scateboard Park, and with the focus on Soccer.

Our coaches are also trained to teach indigenous games, such as drie stokkies, kat en muis, kennetjie and jukskei. This creates a love and pride in the community culture and heritag, and helps to build social cohesion.

The Sports Park is part of the after-school programme but is also open to schools in the area. The Sports Park consists of a bicycle track, play park, skateboard park, fields for soccer and hockey, netball court and areas for tug-of-war and indigenous games. It offers a safe, controlled environment where the children can participate in various sports and is an alternative activity to joining the gangs. There are four sports leagues, SAP Academy, 16 schools, Rugby 7’s Tournament and three MCM soccer teams. Approximately 500 children and 2 500 community members use the Sports Park on a weekly basis.

We are also in Partnership with other local NGO’s and organise netball and Soccer tournaments on a regular basis, to give local kids the opportunity to showcase their skills.